The Golden Triangle Writing Collective

About Us

The Golden Triangle was created as a solution to long distances and literary withdrawals in a post-grad lifestyle. After graduating from SUNY Purchase, Sasha and Jess spent months struggling with how difficult it was to keep the writing life alive without being surrounded by deadlines, their peers, and a creatively nurturing environment. The Golden Triangle Blog was a way for them to share literary-related ideas, quotes, news, and reviews while 2,800 miles apart.

But after a while, it wasn’t enough. Having previously worked at art and literary magazines The Submission and Italic’s Mine, respectively, the two wordsmiths began to toy with the idea of turning The Golden Triangle into a multi-faceted website and online publication. They wanted to form a creative and literary minded community to publish the voices of other writers stuck paddling in the same life boats as they.

Luckily, along came Micah; a wonderful web designer, business manager, long-time hometown friend of Sasha’s, and the disdainer of pants at The Golden Triangle. With his design savvy skills and dashing good looks, he makes it possible to bring every knotted scheme into fruition.

Who are The Points?

Sasha originally hales from Syracuse, New York, and is now located in Denver, Colorado. She graduated from SUNY Purchase with a BA in Lit, and would probably even leave her lovely, bearded boyfriend for Mr. William Faulkner if he was still alive today. She pays her bills by writing copy for a furniture company based out of Denver. In her non-triangle hours, she is a published poet and cereal connoisseur.

Jess grew up in Saratoga Springs, New York, and now lives in good ol’ New York City where she is currently chasing her Creative Writing MFA at The New School. Jess writes mostly short fiction, but has also been known to accidentally write longer works and sometimes even masquerades as a poet. She owns a cat named Gerald Shempton and makes some pretty great puns.

Micah also spent his formative years in Syracuse, New York, but now calls L.A home. He acquired his BA from Otis College of Art and Design with a concentration in digital media and graphic design. He is a master of all things internet, aspiring film maker, and quite the Dapper Dan. Micah is the founder and president of A Good Company. You can also visit Micah’s personal site.